Our platform uses a live data feed from official sources to drive informative, meticulously crafted infographics, giving a clear daily summary of the pandemic as it unfolds.

These videos are created in a variety of formats and can automatically be emailed, shared to social media, or automatically updated on a live website.

Content is quick and bite-size to create maximum shareability across social platforms.

Customised to
your brand

Our designed and responsive templates are customisable with your colours and logo, creating unique pieces of branded content.


Content is automatically produced in wide (16:9), vertical (9:16), and square (1:1) formats for best performance across digital platforms.

Covid Tracker is evolving

We are constantly updating and pushing the platform to deliver more detail and more insight.
These insights can be rotated through daily updates so content is always fresh.

Covid tracker is purchased by weekly subscription.

Data is supplied by John Hopkins University,, and at the time of posting, and video can include time-stamp for accuracy.

Videos may alternate through different infographics daily, depending on your preference and data available for your region or country.

The fine print

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